Objectives & Target groups

Modernisation of Tunisian higher education in life sciences and technology

The overall objective is to modernise the higher education in life science and technology by developing university-enterprise partnerships to offer better employment possibilities to graduates and knowledge and technology transfer to companies working in the field of life sciences and technologies.

This main objective relies on specific objectives in the area of life sciences and technologies:

  1. to develop relationships with the professional environment to evaluate its needs and its participation to the education of students
  2. to implement activities and services in universities to foster employment and support graduates in finding a job
  3. to test out, with support of the Ministries (Higher Education, Vocational Education and Work)  and companies a method to retrain unemployed PhDs and adapt their skills to the labour market
  4. to provide support to the industry: knowledge transfer, transfer of R&D technologies in cooperation with local science and technology parks and business incubators

Target groups are:

  1. the Tunisian Masters and PhD students of the partner universities
  2. the PhDs willing to acquire complementary qualifications to enter the world of work
  3. the companies of food production and processing, the pharmacy companies in bio-medicine, the wastewater or waste treatment companies…
  4. the business incubators and the local science and technology parks