Jawhar Gharbi, vice-president of ISBM of Monastir

Being coordinator of a Tempus project means gaining experience in managing large-scale projects.

Jawhar Gharbi

For almost a decade, the studies of life sciences in Tunisia have been facing a major issue- that is the employment difficulties of graduates. It was therefore important for us to engage in this project to develop strategies and implement actions that can remedy this situation.

After 3 years of activities within the project, best practices are now established permanently in our institute: the Employment Forum and the Research Promotion Day are good examples.

Moreover, new services were created to develop the links with companies and the professional profile of students. This is the case of the Office of Corporate Partnership (BPP).

From a personal point of view, being university coordinator enabled me to gain experience in the management of large-scale projects and in the coordination of various activities, as well as to collaborate with other universities.

I spend about 2 days per week working for the project. The agreement within the consortium is very good, with mixed views sometimes. What I liked most was to discover best practices of European universities regarding the management of the graduates’ professionalization issue. I highly recommend to any colleague to participate in the coordination of such European projects.