Imen Amouri, doctor of Biological Sciences

Registered in doctoral requalification program at the University of Sfax, she is currently working on her professional project: a laboratory for microbiological analyzes.

Imen Amouri

I knew about this program through the Tunisian Association of Doctors and PhD in Sciences (ATDocS) of which I am an active member.

In fact, I wished to participate for 2 reasons:
First one I presume that I had an academic knowledge and skills enabling me to operate even outside the university and Second one is that and I wished to learn new job skills to open up additional job opportunities.

Thanks to this program, I have been in direct contact with professionals who have helped me to refine my project. I also much appreciated the quality of trainings on project management, quality management and English communication. I definitively understood that the problem of the employability of doctors does not really reside at the themes that they effectively master but at the level of:

  • The PhD student who has to learn the needs of the industrial sector and thereof develop adequate research projects
  • The professional who should exploit the doctor's skills to better integrate them into its business processes.

Currently, I work on my professional project to set up a service laboratory microbiological analyzes.

I highly recommend PhD students to attend such training programs because they really provide a transition from the academic world (thesis research) to the application sectors enabling the candidates to position themselves in niches of employment that theoretically  were not  clear and explicit.