Hammadi Ayadi, Prof. in the Centre of Biotechnology of Sfax

President of the Association for the Development of Research, Innovation and Integration of Skills (ADRIC), he is in charge of the training of requalification of doctors.

Hammadi Ayadi

Employment of Youth university graduates is a crucial issue in Tunisia, particularly in the field of life sciences and technologies.

This project seems to be very useful for strengthening university-industry links in order to promote the employability of graduates and also to contribute to the modernization of the educational system.

In addition to the acquisition of good practices, such as the creation of the Office of Professional Partnership (BPP), via our exchange with European homologous universities, the project has generated a new dynamic in the monitoring and integration of our graduates in the professional sector.

As part of this project, we submitted recommendations on university-business relations and doctoral education system in Tunisia to the competent authorities of the ministry. Moreover, the experience of retraining unemployed doctors combining work experience and complementary educational  skills ( Marketing, Quality management,…) remains in my opinion the highlight of this project.

From a personal point of view, the project helped me to expand my network of professional partners and acquire valuable experience on the doctoral schools management method in Europe (recruitment of doctors, training, remuneration...).
I dedicated for this experience an average of 2 days per week and I really enjoyed the excellent working synergy within the consortium both academic and professional.

I warmly recommend to all my colleagues to participate in such European projects given the richness of exchanges and the opportunity offered  to align with European standards and  then to be adapted  to the Tunisian context particularly in terms of knowledge transfer and technological innovations to the profit of local companies.