Annick Verween, project manager at Ghent University

This project was an opportunity to contribute to the teaching of general transferable skills, which are essential for Ph.D. holders.

Annick Verween

We carried out an intensive business course at Sfax University. The objective was to teach the basics of business development to a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurial minds. The collaboration was very good and proactive.
Now we are teaching this course yearly at Ghent University, where it is open to national and international candidates - also Tunisian students and postdocs.

What I liked most was the final presentation of the business plans by the doctors and PhD students - it was nice to see how much the candidates had learned in one week and how good they could already implement this knowledge into their own business case.

The project brought new collaborations in the form of other Erasmus Mundus projects that arose from this collaboration. More important is the network of similar minds that arose, from which future opportunities will grow.

From a personal point of view, the project brought me a great experience to collaborate with Tunisian students and professors. Both are so open to new ideas and very positive to teaching the essential business skills. Moreover, I have learned a lot about the country, the hospitality and the nice people.
I would definitely recommend anyone to participate to such a project! The added value of different expertises, different minds following the same idea is priceless.