The project disseminated at the Sfax's business show

21-23 november 2013

The project disseminated at the Sfax's business show

This 4th edition of the business show organised by Sfax Business Centre, in cooperation with the regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the investment support institutions, gathered more than 150 exhibitors of the economic sector - banks, companies, technical centres and training insitutions - and received 20.000 visitors.

The main objective of this event was to boost private investment, encourage the creation of companies, and support visitors in the development and promotion of their own projects. 

80 short conferences and workshops, as well as 5 forums were organised on business creation - out of which one was held on franchise.Visitors could also meet experts.   

Sfax members of the Tempus project took this opportunity to disseminate the activities of our project. They handed out leaflets of the project and projected slides summarizing the project's intermediary results, especially the ones related to the objectives of the fair.

Published on: 15/01/2018