Products made from biotechnology process and their applicati

Conference at Sfax University, 21-22 november 2014

Products made from biotechnology process and their applications

Objective : To present innovations and opportunities offered by products made from industrial biotechnology in 2 different sectors - pharmaceutical industry & well-being and agri-food industry

Programme of the conference

The conference gathered numerous participants from the doctoral schools and departments of biological sciences of the universities of Sfax, Jendouba, Gabes and Monastir. More than 200 people took part in this event - Masters and PhD students (representing 70% of the participants), PhD graduates developing innovative projects, as well as representatives of regional industries.

Speakers were mainly renowned company and socio-economic actors, which contributed to the high scientific level of the conference expertise. Moreover young entrepreneurs in the fields of agri-food, health and well-being presented their projects to the community. The objective here was to motivate students to develop their own projects and to put forward other professional prospects.

It was the first conference organised by Sfax University on the subject. The interest was high and the debate continued beyong the end time of the conference.


Published on: 15/01/2018