Final seminar: dissemination of results and good practices

31 may and 1st june 2016

Final seminar: dissemination of results and good practices


Tuesday 31st May 2016

N°1 - 9:00 - 9:20: Rationale of the Tempus PUESTV project n° 530312
- Motivations - needs
- Objectives
Pr Jean Barloy, project coordinator - AGROCAMPUS OUEST, Rennes - France

N°2 - 9:20-9:40: Main activities conducted within the PUESTV Tempus project n°530312 - Measures taken to ensure the poject sustainability
Pr Radhouane Gdoura, national project coordinator - Sfax University - Tunisia

Each speech (from no3 to no8) will last 20 minutes and will be followed by 10 minutes questions and comments from the audience.

N°3 - 9:40-10:10: How to improve university - enterprise relationship ?
- How to set-up, and maintain a corporate network: achievements and issues encountered
- How to set up an Office of Corporrate Partnerships: BPP (status, role ): achievements and recommendations.
- Role of the actual network in the project: good practice guide
Pr Zohra Lili Chabaane, Carthage University - Tunisia

N°4 - 10:10-10:30: How to improve the professional profile and employability of graduates ?
- Contributions made ​​to develop student knowledge on companies (Entrepreneurship / marketing courses ; seminars; employment forum).
- Internship in companies : experience, problems encountered (nature of the obstacles encountered), solutions : good practice guide.
Pr Nourhen Bouthrioua, Mannouba University - Tunisia

N°5 - 10:30-11:00: How to improve PhD training programmes ?
- Problems encountered by PhD training programmes ; recommendations for changes ; current situation in Tunisia.
- Experience of doctors' retraining programme: implementation / cost / results / recommendations / testimony (Rayda Siala, Doctor & Entrepreneur)
Pr Hammadi Ayadi, Sfax University - Tunisia

N°6 - 11:00-11:20: Support to companies ?
- Answers to company needs and / or academic initiatives.
- Continuing education (importance, problems encountered)
Dr Noureddine Chatti, University of Monastir - Tunisia

N°7 - 11:20-11:40: Importance of the dissemination of results
- Challenges and achievements. Role of the website - Evaluation of the impact.
- Matchmaking platform (importance and difficulties encountered)
Ms Delphine Richard, AGROCAMPUS OUEST, Rennes - France
Ms Nadia Marrackchi, Sfax University - Tunisia

N°8 - 11:40-12:10: How to use and transfer research results to :
- companies : results, challenges, recommendations,
- set-up start ups : experimentations, results, testimony
Pr Hatem Fakhfakh, University of Carthage - Tunisia

N°9 - 12:10-12:30: Importance of e-learning
Pr Gabriel Jalam, AGROCAMPUS OUEST, Rennes - France

12:30-13:15: Discussion moderated by Pr Michel Gautier, AGROCAMPUS OUEST, Rennes - France, Pr Benedikt Sas, Ghent University, Belgium and Pr Juan Mendez Donega, University Santiago de Compostella, Spain

14:30-16:00: Reporting and financial matters

Wednesday 1st June 2016

9:30 - 13:00: Presentation-discussion of a project on graduates employability with moroccan universities

14:30-16:00: Presentation of the project to Ministry of Hiugher Education

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